Monday, February 10, 2014

A family picture wall, finally!


I love pictures and specially family pictures. I have always found little ways to display pictures of loved ones around the house but I had still been dreaming of a photo wall to display these for the longest time. And I finally made one last week. Here is a peek.


It is straight down our hallway and visible from pretty much our whole little house. And that is pretty much my favorite part. To be able to look at these loving faces and happy memories, makes the house feel that much brighter :)


I wanted to keep the eclectic feel of varying sizes and colors of frames so I used up all the frames I had around the house. But to join it all together I tried to fit it in a rectangular margin to keep it from looking too disconnected. I have to admit, I have no patience (or talent) for making gallery walls the recommended way so I just made the arrangement of the frames on my bed and then just went on to hanging them with my trusted trial-and-error method (!). I think I like the end result and Bilal approved it too so I guess all is good. Now off to plan the other two gallery walls I am dreaming of ;)


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