Wednesday, February 19, 2014

THREE. and an early birthday party in Islamabad


It IS cliché to say this but so crazy how fast time goes by. Our little girl just turned 3 yesterday. THREE. I can hardly believe that. But then at the same time I have forgotten what life was like before her, so yeah time has flown by but it has also stood still :)

This year Anya understands more what a birthday means so we are busy making memories with the birthday girl and will share more from our celebrations later. But today I thought I’d share the little early birthday party she got in Islamabad at her Nani’s house with some of her favorite people.


Balloons, candles, a favorite song, some sweet gifts, a yummy chocolate cake, and everyone singing Happy Birthday to her - what more would a toddler want! :) There is just something so amazing about celebrating these little and big occasions with family and loved ones. Living so far from them, we tend to miss out on it and that is a bit sad. Sigh. But so thankful to be able to make that up by spending a couple months with them every year.


Sorry for the absence from the blog. Between being sick and Anya’s big day, it got a bit hard to manage time. But I promise to make up.

Thanks for reading and much love.


Most of the pictures above by my sister, Waliya. Check out her work here.


Nani is the word for maternal grandmother in Urdu.


  1. Aww mashallah she's blessed to have a beautiful all the pictures.


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