Monday, April 14, 2014

WHAT WE WORE: Spring is in the air


Good morning sweet people. So I have to tell you this, I find it hardest to press ‘Publish’ on these posts. This is far from a fashion or style blog and I guess its still hard for me to fathom that me of all people is doing this series. I would’ve never in a billion years, when I started blogging, thought I’d ever do this. Hehe. But that’s the point of all of this, to push my limits and step a little out of my comfort zone. Also its hard to pose for these pictures, so please ignore our (mainly mine) awkwardness in these photos sometimes ;)


Anya wears: Dress from Target (a birthday gift from a sweet aunty), T-Shirt from Target, Tights from Joe Fresh at JC Penney, Boots from Old Navy

I wear: Top custom made by tailor in Pakistan, Pants from Gap (seen before here and here), Booties by Crown Vintage from DSW, Sunglasses from Gap

Go here to see more in this series.

Thanks for stopping by and lots of love.



  1. Hey Natalia! I just started reading your blogs.
    Great work MA. You two look completely adorable. May Allah bless you with infinite blessings.
    Keep blogging , stay blessed.
    Love to Anaya :)


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