Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DIY: onesies for my girl

I believe in the power of the handmade. I have grown up wearing knits and clothes hand knitted and sewn by my granny and my mom. And when I knew I was going to have a daughter, I wanted to make things for her too. Except, I cant knit and though I do own a sewing machine, I definitely cannot sew much! So when I saw some decorating onesies games at baby showers, I thought that would be something I could do:)

So a couple months before she was born, I sat down and decorated some onesies for her.

The one little bird onesie:

2010-12-09 017

I cut out this bird from a fabric I had, and attached it to onesie using the ‘Heat n Bond’ iron-on adhesive. And then added the words using regular stamps and fabric paint.

The yellow bird onesie:

2010-12-09 009

the elephant applique onesie:

2010-12-09 013

the boat applique onesie:

2011-05-04 040

My friends used these onesies as decorations at my baby shower too. Isn’t it sweet?

DSC_0012 copy


These pictures from my baby shower by Muqu Javed, my talented photographer friend.

Hope this post gets you in a bit of a DIY mood;)

Thanks for stopping by!

2011-05-06 030


  1. actually thats really cute. Even though my mom was the best knitter in this whole wide world I never got to learn it. Now that she's not here it saddens me so much that my daughter's not going to wear the beautiful comfy hand-knit sweaters like we used to wear. My mom had hundreds of these old English and australian magazines knitting patterns with her and she could virtually make one exactly as on the cover. Your post makes me nostalgic, I dont even know how to sew sadly and I fantasize about making quilts for my daughter :) Anyways I am definitely gonna try these for the newbie in line :)

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I also feel so sad that the beautiful knits my nani made for us, we dont have anymore because my mom probably gave them away. Luckily a have a couple of hand made thigns from most of our families in my daughter's room. Will be sharing soon, but there is so much more that i remember and miss! Isn't it amazing, how nostalgic we get about these thigns as we grow older! Aw congrats for your 'newbie in line'. Yes this is an easy project for a first try:) Goodluck!


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