Friday, August 31, 2012

Toddler Activity: Build a hut

I have been dreaming of teepees and cardboard castles and reading nooks for Anya’s room thanks to Pinterest! But still haven’t been able to make it yet.

However, one day we were trying to get rid of this broken IKEA dresser from Anya’s room and disassembled it somewhat. While I was at it though, I realized it would make an adorable little temporary play hut for Anya.

So for one afternoon or two, this little guy sat in our living area and then our kitchen. We put a cushion in it and some toys/pillows etc. so she could sit in it and read.

Take a peak!

2012-06-26 016

2012-06-28 001

Cute right? I had plans for wallpapering the insides to cover up the holes from where the drawers etc. were. And then maybe make a little sloping cardboard roof on the top! Are you imagining what I was? lol.

Sadly, we realized it wouldn’t probably work because it was too big for Anya’s room and she kept bumping into it! Sigh! Anyways it made a fun little nook for her for the few days that it stayed. Meanwhile I’m still dreaming of the perfect DIY hut/teepee/nook for her room!

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  1. wow wow wow! Anya is such a jaan! and I loved your idea! and you don't have any need to remove that hut from the room because however, it is looking good :) well its about your thinking and ideas! and I loved 'em all! by the way, your home is quite beautiful and other thing to appreciate is that you have managed it well nevertheless you live alone without any companion at all! very well done :)

    1. Aw hehe, thanks for that girl. Love hearing your comments. Yes it looks mostly clean in pictures but trust me there are days when it is quite a mess. Maybe one day i'll do a post on that:D hehe

    2. Your welcome NAT! And I love commenting on your posts~ well not really, I don't think so it has ever been that way before the messed up one! well you can say my home is a quite messed one because we all live in a joint family well, yes sure add pictures of you your home and aniya and give me opportunities to comment :) and I am adding new pictures very soon, maybe today, because it's an awesome whether in Karachi now a days so wait :) and WATCH :)

      best of luck and love!

  2. Lol huts are awesome ! My daughter also loves little spaces. I'm in the middle of assembling a wardrobe (minus the doors right now) and I keep finding her sitting in one of the cupboard spaces inside the wardrobe talking to her toys. She loves when I drape the duvet over our dining room table to create a space for her too. Simple pleasures :-)

  3. That's cool! Now anya have such a place to read and play! Don't remove it please...It looks so awesome...

    1. hehe, it had to be put in the garage :( there was no space! but it might come back inside if we are able to make some place for it. Thanks for liking it:)

    2. awwwwww :'( Wish that u got space to put it.


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