Friday, August 3, 2012

This is how I Collage!

I get many questions about the collages I make so I thought I’d share a bit about how they come together.

The Inspiration
I have always loved quotes, lyrics, pictures and combining them together seemed like the obvious thing to do. I had seen the beautiful detailed collages that people make but they are too detailed for the impatient personality that I have. My projects had to start and end all within the hour, because yes, I’m not very good with patience. I had seen her collages on Flickr and been really inspired.So that’s when I started basically.

I have been drawn to graphic design so I do notice magazine layouts, advertisements etc. My collages are inspired by their design.

My taste is simple, with a lot of white space, bright colors, typography and I like to bring that out in the collages.


The Words
I am a big collector of ‘words’. I have a quotes/lyrics journal where I keep a collection of favorite words from songs and books that I read. I also bookmark favorite quotes from books on Good Reads. And I have a Pinterest board where I collect more beautiful words! In short, there is something about the power of words that super inspires me, and I try to collect all the beautiful ones that I run into! I end up using some of these in the collages.


The Pictures
I collect a lot of magazines and since I’m a photographer, some pictures just speak to me. Sometimes I find pictures in newspapers, sometimes even in random junk mail we get and I cut them out and keep them for when inspiration strikes. 

Other times I just sit with a scissor and a catalog and just cut and paste, just listen to what feels right to my heart!


How it comes together
Usually when I’m in the mood for making something, I bring out my supplies (I have a box with all the supplies I need like glue, pens and markers, scissors etc.), magazine cutouts or random catalogues I want to cut up, and my collection of quotes.

I go through the pictures, and whatever speaks to me, I just cut out and paste. I normally don’t have an idea in my head, but just go with the flow. Sometimes I have a design in my head that has inspired me so I use that layout but mostly I just try different layouts and then just paste.

Then I go through words in my collections, and look for something that speaks to me and that would go with the picture.

I write it down. Doodle some. And I’m done.


Hope that helps some.

Thanks for stopping by!

(Note: I know I should’ve taken some pictures of the process and posted them, but if I waited for that to happen, this post would be postponed till God knows when! Maybe I’ll take some at some point and share them)

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