Monday, August 27, 2012

Of picnics and making memories

I have a thing for picnics!

2012-08-15 006

Maybe it’s the many many happy memories I have of picnics with my parents and our family. We’ve had picnics all over Pakistan, some with only our family, some with loved ones. So many memories from so many little picnics.

From various Karachi beaches, river-sides, farms, road-sides, road trips, lake-sides, parks and whatever place my parents could find. I remember my mom’s food, I remember the heat and the cold, I remember the sunshine, I remember the planning and my dad’s driving and the effort to find the best spot. I remember how the same food tasted so different. I remember the ice cold drinks. I remember the relaxing after, my dad lying on our blanket with his sunglasses on, my mom sketching or painting and the three of us just loitering around. I remember the memories. I remember it all.

2012-08-15 012

Some days our breakfasts, our lunches, our snacks need to be celebrated, and we don’t need an occasion for that. I say grab a pretty blanket, and whatever food you can find, dress up in some fun colors and make the most of the sunshine. Find a pretty place and if you’re lazy like me, let it be a corner of your backyard or your patio or even your living room, for that matter! I learnt this from my mother. Lets not wait for the perfect, lets make every day an occasion, lets make memories!

2012-08-15 010

Pictures from a random backyard picnic with my little girl!

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  1. This is such a beautiful post! I always have a picnic blanket in the trunk of my car for such occasions (although a cuter blanket would make it more festive -- must work on that!). Connecting your own memories to that of building them with your own child is what really gets me. It just takes a small effort to make the everyday a celebration. Thanks for the reminder. :)

    1. Aw thanks so much for stopping by Rachelle. I loved your blog. Yes, that is the best part about being a mom, trying to make memories that can last for a lifetime for our little ones! It is especially inspiring when you have the likes of you and so many other beautiful moms to push us to be better moms every day!


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