Tuesday, August 26, 2014

AROUND ISLAMABAD: Lok Virsa & Folk Museum


Hey lovelies, so here’s another photo journey from our time in Pakistan. Lok Virsa is one of the older sites in Islamabad and the center of many cultural festivals. We were going after a long time and thoroughly enjoyed the many little art galleries, handicraft shops and the live music. My mom has always loved taking us to museums and we have probably visited every museum in the numerous cities of Pakistan we have lived in, so it was bittersweet as we explored the cultural museum.


Lok Virsa Museum, also known as the Folk Heritage Museum, is one of the finest cultural museums in Pakistan. It works towards creating an awareness of cultural legacy by collecting, documenting, preserving and disseminating folk and traditional heritage. It depicts the history and living traditions of the people of Pakistan both from the mainstream and the remotest regions of the country. The location of this landmark achievement at Islamabad enriches the federal capital and adds to its attractions. Source

The museum was truly a pleasant surprise because of the detailed displays worthy of a whole afternoon. A must-see also if you have kids or visitors/tourists with you to tell them more about the history of the people and the land.

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(I did not see any signs about photography inside so ended up taking pictures which I’m sharing here. I know it might not be allowed but I feel its important to share a glimpse of the dedication behind this and hopefully encourage others to visit it too. It was sad that the entrance fee was so nominal considering the work that obviously had been put in yet I personally had not heard much about the museum. Living in the States, I know that the entrance fees for museums and tourist sites here are not cheap and so I felt even more passionate about it and hence sharing these here.)

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