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Hey lovelies, with 14th August just around the corner, I thought I would to do some Pakistan related posts on the blog throughout August. Despite the political/social turmoil my beloved homeland seems to be in eternally, when you’re there you realize it is so much more than the news stories that come out of it. The people, the places, the smells and sights and sounds, the colors, the clothes, the languages, the hospitality, the family ties, the FOOD. How could I forget the food. There is just so much more to this land that is worth loving, despite all the problems. Hopefully these posts will remind one of those other things.

I’ve mentioned this Islamabad gem earlier too in this post last year, and here is a picture story exclusively of that, Saidpur Village.

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These pictures above from October 2010

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2012-12-25 294

2012-12-25 295
These pictures above from December 2012. More here.





These pictures above from January 2014

Saidpur Village is a Mughal-era village on the foothills of the Margalla Hills in Islamabad. The village has the traces of various civilizations, including Gandhara, Greek,Buddhist, Mughal, Ashoka and the colonial periods. It was remodeled in 2008 with the help of the French government and is now a popular stop for both local and foreign visitors. It boasts a small little museum, several restaurants and cafes, handicraft stores and galleries, a tomb and a temple. A beautiful mix of old and new makes this a charming little getaway right in the middle of Islamabad.

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  1. Very cool!! I thnk it great that you are doing this blog on Pakistan. Most people here in America have a squed view on what it really looks like there and how people live. It's good for them to see how it really is there. People probably think it's just like a war-torn desert but, it's not!! People are living their normal lives and places are beautiful and some places, not so much.... Just like here in the US.... :) People are people... We are all Gods children and live on this earth he created for us. :) Thank you! Erika-

    1. Glad you liked it. That is exactly what i wanted Erika, to connect our worlds together. Both sides have limited understanding of each other from across the world and want each to be able to get a glimpse of the other side and hopefully be able to relate atleast somewhat. Love you and thanks so much for stopping by! xoxo.


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