Thursday, August 28, 2014

Conversations with Anya

A bilingual household means a bilingual kid! I'll try to post the translations of most of the conversations but sometimes its not that easy. Hope you’ll excuse that :)



Taking pictures on her camera and then handing it me saying: 'Ab aap issko apne laptop se connect karo and edit kardo inko‘ (Now connect it to your laptop and edit them)


Anya, in the car: Mama can I have a cupcake, kyunke mei ne icecream finish kya hai' (Mama, can I have a cupcake? Because I finished my ice cream)


After I explained the concept of privacy to her, at dinner time the same day.

Me: Anya, what should I put on your plate?

Anya: Mama ap mujhe privacy karne do. (Let me do privacy)

Me: ?!!

Anya: I'm doing privacy. You can't talk to me.


In Ramadan when I had just explained the concept of fasting to her. Me before dinner time, as she gets after me to eat one snack or another: Bass ab, you cant eat anything else before dinner time.

Anya, all confused: Kya mera roza hai? (Am I fasting?)


Bilal looking at Anya as she sits on my lap.

Anya: Baba don’t watch me. I'm not a TV.


Anya: Mama apka laptop slow horaha hai. I think usska aur gas finish hora hai iss liye woh slow horaha hai. (Mama your laptop is getting slow. I think it’s out of gas that’s why its slow)


Bilal: There are so many vitamins in the raspberries, eat them.

Anya: (in a really bad, whiny mood) But I DON’T SEE vitamins.


Anya bringing book to Bilal: Sunao yeh.

Bilal, looking at it: Lekin yeh to buhat lambi hai.

Anya: Noooo (whines) Lekin ap bhi lambe ho

Me: Hahahaha


Anya, playing with me: Mama first I'll throw balloon..

Me: Anya in Urdu please, like this.. Mama, pehle mei balloon… (I usually start off Urdu sentences for her to explain to her)

Anya: Mama, pehle mei balloon throw karungi, phir ap ussko.. ussko.. ussko.. (trying to find the word) thapar marogi.

Me: !!


Bilal and me discussing some stuff as Anya sits around.

Me: Anya zindagi to bari mushkil hoti hai. Ap enjoy kar lo abhi.

Anya, listens carefully, then begins to hum to herself: Zindagiiii gulzarr hai.


Thanks for reading and lots of love.


  1. hahaha awwwww cutu pie......:) natalia u r sucha true inspiration love love reading ur blogs :) as now after marriage i am living in Amsterdam with my husband and missing home badly......and ur blogs redarding life and family gives me so much courage and inspiration :) stay blessed

    1. Aw thanks so much for the sweet comment Sara. Only us uprooted people can understand each other's pain of living away from family. Hope it gets better for you. Sending lots of love your way

  2. This little one is amazing i love her conversations......Mash Allah ...

  3. Hah! Cute conversations. <3
    Give hugs to anya babe from my side! :)

  4. Of course, I don't get all the language aspects, but Anya sounds a lot like my kid in the way she negotiates and reasons!


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