Tuesday, September 2, 2014

His Birthday!

Even though my husband would rather we forget his birthday, but since that’s not going to help us not get older, we erm just cant do that :). In fact with Anya growing up, it is so much fun getting her excited for such occasions, involving her in the planning and the gift buying, its probably one of my favorite things about being a mom. Here are glimpses from his birthday from a couple weeks ago.


Anya chose the shiniest card, full of cupcakes, for her daddy on our visit to the party store almost a month ago. She went on to draw balloons inside and as she sat on the table in our kitchen, she asked me, ‘Batao baba kaise likhte hain’ How do you write baba(daddy)? I spelled it out to her and turned to find her writing it ON TOP of the card. Haha


We did our birthday morning routine of surprising him with balloons and a gift before he left for work as we played some funny birthday songs on YouTube in the kitchen. Here is our playlist incase you’d like to use it ;) 


Anya had chosen chocolate for our cake flavor but as we set out to make our cake was totally disappointed that we weren’t making a pink cake for daddy! (Also letting her eat the cake batter, reminded me so much of our childhood. My sisters used to love our ‘kacha cake’ uncooked cake, and my mom used to keep the bowls for us to lick every time she baked a cake.)


And here is what our cake looked like, decorated with some macaroons thanks to Trader Joes. I have to admit it did look better than it tasted :\ but hopefully we’ll forget that because of these pictures as the years go by? I hope so!

Here is how we celebrated last year.

Thanks for reading and lots of love.

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