Friday, September 5, 2014

Reading Nook and Art wall

Last year, to open up the space in our little house, we converted our dining area into a little nook for reading and conversations. Here is a glimpse of what this area looked like earlier. It was also the perfect time to make the art wall I had been dreaming of for all these years. We have quite a growing collection of art thanks to our artist and art-loving family and there isn’t enough room in our little house for all of it but now this art wall boasts some of our collection.

After months of planning, this wall randomly happened a night before Anya’s birthday party and so we used the art that was ready to be put up right away. The other pieces we wanted to add that were not framed, are still lying around, that’s how these things go. But well here’s a peek.


The Art, Clockwise from top most: (1) Islamabad at dusk by my mom, Shireen Najib1 (2) By a local artist from Rawalpindi, brought back from our recent trip (3) A gift from my brother-in-law, my husband’s brother, bought for us on one of his trips to Europe(4) Bougainvilleas by my mom, Shireen Najib. This painting was one of my favorites and used to hang in my room before I got married. (5) A pen and ink landscape, made by my husband (6) A sketch by my sister-in-law, Shafaq-us-Sahar, who’s art hangs in Anya’s room too. (7) Mixed media art by Ayesha Masood, my husband’s niece, brought back on our last Pakistan trip. She was busy giving out stuff in her room as she packed to move to Canada for school and was sweet enough to offer us this (8) An oil pastels art from my husband’s sketch book (9) A watercolor painting from one of our airforce bases we lived at, by my mother, Shireen Najib (Frames from IKEA and other randomly found ones, and one custom framed at Michaels.)


Orange pillow from Land of Nod. Ampersand pillow from Crate and Barrel,Truck art pillow cover from Society6. Cream printed pillow cover made from a fabric my mom’s best friend from Bangladesh had given to her decades ago. DIY pillow cover shared earlier here.

Crochet Throw made by my mom. Caricature of our family from our trip to Universal Studios. End table from Target’s Threshold line, Curtains from Ikea. Futon from Overstock.


I had been wanting to share this room after we replace the light fixture but that was just taking too long to happen, so well. I did have the urge to Photoshop it out, in these pictures above, but for the sake of being real, here is our pretty art wall, with the not so pretty light fixture :)


Thanks for reading, lots of love.

1 My mom sells her art too incase you were interested in buying something from her. Here’s a link to her Facebook page.

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