Monday, March 4, 2013

Hello Monday. Hello sunshine and a DIY share.

Hello all you sweet people. It has been a beautiful sunshine filled Monday for us in Seattle. Cant tell you how much we needed it.

Anya and I made a trip to the library for story time and then ran some errands. And since then we’ve just been basking in the sun that is filling up our little house.

2013-03-01 001

Over the weekend, thanks to the husband, the shelves are finally up in Anya’s room and I cant wait to share her room FINALLY (I know!!).

I wanted to share this quick project I had done many months ago, but only now found a place for it. The hand drawn cushion cover! It was inspired by a few projects I saw on Pinterest (of course!) including this and this.

All you need is a black fabric marker, a plain cushion cover (I had bought this from Target 2 years ago and it was sitting in the closet since then), and a little design in your head. Slide a cardboard or something under the fabric layer and just draw on. No need for it to be perfect. If you look closely you'll find uneven lines at many points, but I like to think these add to the charm;)

2013-03-01 004

2013-03-01 006

Fabric markers are so much fun to use. A couple years ago, my sister Nadiya came up with a fun idea for us. When she came to see us in early 2011, she brought along plain white t-shirts for the three of us, along with fabric paints, markers etc. We spent a fun evening together, sitting on our dining table, planning what to do with our shirts, chatting, making fun of each other’s shirts and finally making our shirts. It was the most fun the three of us have had in a many years. I tell you my sisters are super cool :)

2011-04-11 008

Excuse the quality of these pictures, we didn’t know I’d be sharing them on the blog someday. lol

Now excuse me will you, I have to go get some dinner ready for tonight!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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  1. uff they look cute! do u have any photos of the completed t shirts?


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