Saturday, March 23, 2013

because baby lives here.

I remember when I didn’t have a baby, I used to notice how baby stuff takes over people’s houses. And I used to say ours would never become like that. I had this image in my head of how I would make sure there were not too many signs of baby around here, except for the nursery of course. 

And while I still have issues over some types of baby products and toys, and with her stuff taking over our house, I don’t feel as passionate about this issue anymore. Quite the opposite, even. All these toys and baby stuff, they mean a little baby lives here, and why would that be a bad thing?

Today and pretty most days by noon, this is what our little house looks like at least half of our day.





Yeah, that last picture would make a great ‘Spot the object’ picture because if you look closely there isn’t much you wont find.

All these ‘imperfections’ are reminders of a little girl that happens to share this house with us. A reminder of a day many years from now, when our home may not be this messy, and it might be so much easier to keep it clean, but she wont live in it anymore. It will feel empty just like our hearts will probably feel that day when she packs her bags to leave her home as she knew it.

And I really don’t know what it will feel like then, because without this baby in it, I don’t remember what home felt like.

So just for today, will you look at the mess and the endless toys taking over your house differently?


Thanks so much for stopping by!

PS: This post also makes up for the messy house post I said I’d do someday, remember? Most welcome ;)


  1. these little people makes our homes so their presence should be shouting ;) I am all day busy cleaning and picking her passionate mixing and reading stuff too and the hundreds of coins she loves collecting.

    I just had one thing in mind before she came. I never liked the idea of girls are pink and boys are blue. There are so many lovely colours so why not appreciate them all and own some instead of stereotyping. So I still go for variety of colours while selecting her wardrobe and things. Dont know how america is but in here every girlie thing is unfortunately pink and princess themed. I was never one after princesses and fairies and won't encourage its over-indulgence for my baby too ... sigh makes a hard selection but fun :)

    Your messier home is love too :)

    1. Asma, you spoke words straight from my heart. I have such a huge issue with these same things, the 'pink' everything for girls, and the princess culture. Not sure if you have read this book 'Cinderella ate my daughter', but if you haven't, you must. So enlightening. Totally agree with you, that it makes selection harder but fun. I just am not sure how to handle it all as Anya grows up. All things pink, and all things princess are just in our faces that it'll be hard explaining to her that she has doesn't have to limit herself to things, there is a world of options open to her if she only looks! Sigh.

  2. I said that your home looks beautiful whether it's messy or not :))

  3. "And I really don’t know what it will feel like then, because without this baby in it, I don’t remember what home felt like" -
    This brought tears to my eyes....i will miss my baby too :(

  4. Your this Messy home looks so cute!


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