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This baby girl is not a good eater. Till she was a year old, she loved food times. She used to get so excited as soon as she saw me getting it for her. But since then things have changed, and now I have such a hard time trying to get her to eat something proper.

I used to skip lunch mostly when I was at home, but now I try to make sure that I make something quick for our lunch (or some leftovers from the night before) and that we both sit down at the table and eat a little meal. The things that change when we become a mom! :) I’m trying to offer her good options to eat and at least get her used to the concept of sitting down for meals.

Sometimes I make us a fruit yogurt smoothie and then we drink them in our recycled glass bottles with colorful straws (Good use for those Starbucks Frappuccino bottles I keep saving? I think so). Makes for a happy little lunchtime treat.

Have any ideas for baby lunchtimes? I would love to hear what your kids eat for lunch when they’re home.

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