Saturday, March 9, 2013

To love and be loved

2013-02-11 Settling back 029

Hello lovelies, hope your weekend’s off to a beautiful start. Seattle has been extra beautiful the last two days, giving us nice warm sunshine to refresh ourselves and we are totally loving it.

Going through my pictures folder I realized I totally forgot to share these pictures from our mid February celebration (Can we give a different name to Valentines day?). I know there are so many opinions about this day. But I think, what’s so bad about a day to celebrate the ones you love? True, we should express our love every day instead. But sometimes in the ho-hum of life, we tend to forget and it is a good reminder, this silly little, what has become so commercial, Valentines Day.

2013-02-11 Settling back 0202013-02-11 Settling back 027

Maybe next year, we can come up with our little secret day to celebrate love? Just so it doesn’t feel so forced and commercial? Lol. That might be fun.

2013-02-11 Settling back 0302013-02-11 Settling back 032

Thanks for stopping by!

2013-02-11 Settling back 024


  1. Aww<3 This is SO cute.
    Expressing your love to your loved ones is the awesome feeling.
    I am sure.When Anya read this.Anya baby gets a huge smile on her cute face.
    By the way,I love you,Natxy aapi! <3
    Give TOO MANY hugs to anya babe.


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