Saturday, March 16, 2013

Too-easy paper envelope DIY

I will always love paper crafts. Something so relaxing about cutting and pasting all those pretty papers. That is why I have the tendency to be a serious paper hoarder. I have had a problem being able to throw any packaging, tags, catalogs and even advertisements that look good to the eye. Sigh. ANYWAYS :p

In fact all those décor and fashion catalogs are perfect for so many paper crafts. Here’s a quick and easy idea for pretty paper envelopes to use for anything. It is common sense actually but since I had never thought of it till I read it somewhere, I thought I would share for those who are like me.

This would also make a great craft for kids.


I was inspired by this little paper flap that the Anthro member card came in. And this Madewell catalog that just arrived in the mail this week.

So here’s the thing. Did you know that you can turn any paper envelope, bag, cover into a template and make your own just like that? Just some pretty paper, scissors and glue is all you need. Take a look?

just for the information, those scissors are for Anya’s Play Dough and were not used to cut this. They just looked cute ;)

Just carefully unglue and unfold the paper you want to copy and lay it on the one you want to make yours with. Trace it and cut it, being careful about which side will be visible and which will fold inside. And then you just use your template as a guide to fold and glue and you’re all done.

ThumbaCam_2013-03-15_15-16-26 (1)
Please excuse the terrible quality. I used my cellphone for this one.

You can use this to make literally anything from envelopes to gift bags to cd covers even.

Here is the end result. Not sure how I am planning to use this yet.

It could be a place to keep all my pictures organized in my wallet.

Nadiya, I need a picture of you. And what kind of a mom am i  who doesn’t have her daughter’s picture in her wallet! lol

Or a place to keep all those gift cards/rewards cards etc that keep taking over my wallet


Or just add a flower to it and it would make a great way to give a gift card.


So easy and too simple to make for a real DIY post but well. Let me know if you make your own. For Anya’s birthday last year, I used this method to make little gift bags for the favors.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope your weekend is awesome!


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  4. I'll go try it right now :D
    Seems pretty easy.

    Oh and, 'Paper Hoarder' is a new word for me I guess. I shall use it all over the place now when asked to describe myself. Thank you!

    1. hehe. I know what you mean. Living in a small space i find it very hard to throw away all the pretty papers that i just feel like hoarding:S One day, iA, one day!!


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