Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Memories from our trip to Pakistan. Part One

As I write, it is exactly 2 months since we returned from our time with family in Pakistan. Time truly flies. I thought it was finally time to share some very random Pakistan memories, in a little photo journey.

Come, relax and drown in a little touch of Pakistan?

2012-12-25 2912012-12-25 3152012-12-25 3382012-12-25 308

A must visit on every trip, Saidpur village is believed to be a Mughal era village near Islamabad and is now a popular spot for everyone. I love just everything about this place, from the architecture, to the food, to the art and the artists.

2012-12-30 Islamabad 0422013-01-07 0012012-12-22 236

Reminds me of all the countless evenings, returning from university and later on from work with my mom/dad or my dad’s driver. This golden glow will never lose its magic.

2013-01-21 Last week in Isloo 0212013-01-11 Islamabad 0172012-12-25 1612013-01-21 Last week in Isloo 018

The emphasis on food, the cooking, the entertaining, the endless dinners. Once your taste buds have tasted authentic Pakistani cuisine, its hard to get used to food elsewhere. Also nothing like mom’s cooking:)

2013-01-15 Islamabad 0192012-12-30 Islamabad 055

The memories of my dad that live in each and every corner of this land and all the places we go.

2012-12-19 Back to Islamabad 1522012-12-19 Back to Islamabad 161

The bargaining, the deals, the shopkeepers. Nothing as exciting as shopping here in Pakistan from the most expensive to prices so cheap, you have to ask again to make sure you have heard it right!

2012-12-30 Islamabad 109

What an honor it was to meet this real life artist couple, Hajra Mansoor and Mansoor Rahi. Truly legends in their own way. 

2012-12-25 128

Cricket is just so much more exciting when seen with a crowd, even if we ended up losing the match.

2012-12-23 004

Some things are so Pakistani. A monkey show in our front yard for Anya.

2012-12-25 2222012-12-25 268

One of our fondest childhood memories are of my nana taking us to the Lahore Zoo and it was so beautiful to see the cycle continue as my mom took Anya to the zoo in Islamabad. Papa you were so missed on this too just like so many other days. 

Looking through the pictures makes me smile every time as I remember the feelings, the thoughts and being surrounded by all that love. And just reminds me that there is so much more to life in Pakistan than what we see in the news, and what we hear about.

Yes, there is ugliness (I have first hand experienced things I probably wouldn’t have in many other places), but every place, every person, every thing has flaws. As much as I wish for change, and a better future, I don’t want to forget the many magical things about this culture and this land.

2012-12-30 Islamabad 195

Thanks so much for stopping by!

FYI: Nana is for maternal grandfather, Nani for maternal grandmother.


  1. Lovely, really enjoyed this one.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous pictures!

  3. Yeah! Pakistan is succha beautiful place that ever i've seen! <3 This post is so ama-xing as well as others.
    The pictures you took that are awesome! <3

  4. Love the photos. First time and first week here in Islamabad. It has been a dizzying experience but I've got a couple of weeks here for an internship and I'm determined to discover all its little gems. I would appreciate any suggestions.


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