Sunday, May 12, 2013

A broken heart but one that still hopes


I don’t usually talk about politics here. However, it was election time in Pakistan over the weekend and what started as a day full of hope for a better future for this country, ended with corruption and a broken heart. However, it also ended with countless stories of people standing in polling lines for up to even 8 hours in 100 degree weather, of people standing up to gunmen in Karachi and saying they will not leave without voting, of people who refused to remain silent. Hope is not lost and change is imminent.


Last picture collage of pictures taken by my sister in Imran Khan’s rally in Islamabad last Thursday.

Will write more about this soon, because its time we raise more political awareness and stop keeping quiet about things.

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  1. lets hope and pray whenever it happens, even if slowly and gradually, its for good. Our country has seen enough. Ground realities are bad ... its more than heart breaking to see when people have to prioritize between food and education. May Allah bless my nation with wisdom and country with prosperity IA :)

    ps: it was definitely heart breaking to see Sharifs coming in power again ... I hope Musharaf gets out of it safe :s


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