Thursday, May 30, 2013

Moments of impact


If you have had those moments when life has felt like a struggle, when it has felt like you are fighting against the tide, when you have questioned your existence and everything around. If you have had a moment that has defined your life and broken into your core. If you have had a big or small moment of impact that has formed the before and after of your life, this one is for you.

I believe that these moments happen for a reason, these moments happen to remind us of the reality of this world. These moments are supposed to teach us something. I also believe that if these moments of impact don't change us in a better way, if they don’t make us look at life differently, if we’re not forced to analyze ourselves and our lives, then we wasted these moments. Then, they did nothing to us and our lives and its just like they didn't happen. Its like these moments went to waste.

These moments of impact, whether you lost a loved one, an important relationship or a career, or suffered any other kind of unexpected circumstance or situation, will only make sense if you learn from it. If you don’t just forget and try to move on, but instead become a better person because of it. Think of it as a little check from God, to redirect your path.

Because only then, these losses, these moments of impact, will have happened for a reason and not just in vain.

Just a random thought I felt like sharing this morning. Wishing you a lovely day.

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  1. Nataliya! What a wonderful blog. Mariam and Aiza just told me about your blog and I went through your writings. Its simply great. I can see a mixture of your mom and dad in it.

    I will be regular now.

    You have inspired me and I should be starting a blog soon. I will copy you.

    Love you Nataliya

    1. Uncle so nice to hear from you and thank you so much for the sweet encouragement. Yes you should uncle, there are so many stories from you all that we haven't heard and it would be great to keep sort of like an online diary to pass them on. You have one reader already in me for sure. Lots of love:)

  2. by reading this I was having all the glimpes of my life. i feel so lucky to have much of such moments in my life & they make me what I am today, ALHAMDULILLAH. every single failure every single time gave me more courage. beautiful thoughts, stay blessed.

    1. You're so right. These moments make us lucky in a sense. Thanks for stopping by.


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