Thursday, May 16, 2013

WHAT WE WORE You and I and sunny evenings.

April onward, Seattle starts showing its beautiful side that makes the thought of moving from here so hard. It has been beautiful outside and our evenings are usually spent outdoors these days.

Whatever is going in your personal life, there is just something peaceful about being outdoors with your little ones that makes you feel at least a little better.




Anya wears: Tunic from Baby Gap (Gift from a sweet friend), Tights from Old Navy, Hair flower from Gymboree, Shoes found at Marshalls.

I wear: Chambray buttoned shirt from Gap, Tshirt Maxi Dress from Old Navy, Folding Wayfarer by RayBan

Thanks for stopping by!


PS: Anya wore the same outfit with a slight variation in this little feature on Heart and Habit.


  1. Both of you wearing awesome outfits specially love anya baby dressing she wears SO cute and nice outfits just loooovveeeee it.

  2. stripes and color blocks go so nicely together :) is anya wearing ballerinas? do they slip out or shes fine with it? I was thinking to get some for mine but then though probably sandals are safer choice ...

    1. I love stripes too! Erm not really, they're the type that have the elastic thing across so it stays on, but I need to go shoe shopping for her, all her shoes are too small at this point and just being dragged along till we are able to! I love little baby sandals too:) Xoxo


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