Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Here’s to friendships and the nights that turned into mornings


Over the weekend, an old friend of mine visited with her family and it was as amazing as I had hoped it would be. We only had a night together but we made the most of it. We talked all night, about the good old days and the rest of our friends, about motherhood and the challenges we face, about careers and dreams, about celebrating the lives of the loved ones we lost - my father and her grandfather, about marriage and how to make sure we don’t take our husbands for granted, about politics, about life in the States and Canada (where she is from) and Pakistan, about our favorite TV shows and dramas1. And I don’t think there was one moment of silence in those 5-6 hours of the night we got to ourselves.

We were meeting after a gap of almost 7 years (except when she came to see me and my family when my father passed away, which I will never ever forget) and it felt like nothing had changed and we were the same girls from our university days. We were the same girls that listened to EP and Atif Aslam2 in our car on the almost hour long commute, over and over again. We were the same girls that spent those long nights studying and doing projects together. We were the same girls that kept each other’s secrets. We were the same girls that planned our weddings together, that went wedding shopping together, that danced at each others weddings. We were the same. Now married and moms of little ones, but still the same. In completely different places in our lives, but together we were still the same. And that is the beauty of old friends, how you can start exactly where you left off and time just seems to have stopped.

Meeting her just reinforced what I have learned through losing. That it is so important to invest in our friendships, to make time for our friends however busy our lives might get, to show them that they’re important to us and that we love them, to forgive them also when they break our hearts. I have come to believe, that if we don’t make time for them in good days, they wont be there for us in our bad days. And without these friends, this journey would be even harder. Without them our dark days would be even darker.

Our babies trying to be friends over cheerios.

Let us not forget to take time out for our friends.

Thank you Sahrash for your visit and for giving Anya her first camera:)

Thanks for stopping by!

FYI: 1.Pakistani television serials are commonly called dramas and followed by many of us all over. The beautiful stories, acting and direction lately has made them increasingly popular in the last few years.  2. EP or Entity Paradigm was a rock band that made thought provoking songs and we were one of the few girls that followed the band:D and Atif Aslam is a world renowned singer from Pakistan.

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