Saturday, May 4, 2013

Blog Love: Enjoying the Small Things

Hey guys, i know its been kind of quiet here for some time. Going through a bit of an uninspired phase for a while and finding it hard to complete posts I start. I have wanted to share some favorite blogs for a while and I think now would be a good time to finally do it. It is amazing how huge the blogging world has become. It is honestly so inspiring and there are so many amazing voices out there.  Hope you will enjoy discovering these blogs I share just as much as I do.

For today, I wanted to share one of my favorites, Enjoying the small things by Kelle Hampton.


I don’t know how I discovered her blog, but it was around the time that Anya was just a couple of months old. When my life revolved around nursing every two hours and holding her as she napped in between. In this early motherhood glow, when I discovered her blog, I just couldn’t stop reading. I was completely taken in by her love for her babies. If you have just heard about her, you should start with this post. It is the story of the birth of her second daughter and the shock of finding out she was born with Down Syndrome. I cry every time I read this post. It is raw and just beautiful.

 photo print4_zps4aaa8498.jpg

Her little babies are just too sweet! Her blog is about loving the unexpected, making the most of what we are given and just enjoying our babies every second of the day. I absolutely love her honesty and not to forget how beautiful the pictures she takes are. A must-read blog for every mother, and every one that has any kind of a tragedy or unexpected event change their world. This blog makes you want to pick up your pieces, hug your babies tight, and just go out and make the most of your day.


Kelle also wrote Bloom that I wrote about here. and these words from her book describe it best,

‘The thing is, we don’t really know what the future looks like. And that thought takes my breath away just as much as it calms me into a place where I am forced to enjoy this very moment. Part of facing your fears is going there. You have to go there - to the deepest pain of what you fear. You have to feel it - to hold the hot potato of hurt and know that even if life takes you to that place, you will get through it. And knowing that not only allows you to let the fear go but it fuels you with a passion to make the best out of what you have, to grab the reins and purposefully steer yourself where you want to go.’


 photo blog14_zps1e4dac4e.jpg
all pictures taken from Kelle Hampton’s beautiful blog.

Beautiful words right? Hope you stop by at her blog and enjoy what you’ll find there.

Thanks for stopping here and Happy Saturday:)

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