Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Across the miles: Wrapping it up.

Do you remember this project my sister and I started last year? Well, we sort of wrapped it up a few months ago in hope of starting another one (That hasn’t happened yet, and we’d love some ideas if you have any).

I didn’t really share more than the first few pictures from it and I thought I’d just put them all together in this post for a little photo inspiration. We chose a topic for every week and tried to (emphasis on tried, lol) post a diptych every week. Here is the whole collection.

1 june12 2012 wm2 june19 2012 wm3 june26 20124 july3 2012 wm5 july10 2012 wm6 june17 2012 wm7 july24 2012 wm8 july31 2012 wm9 aug7 201210 aug20 2012 wm11 aug27 2012 wm12 sep3 2012 wm13 sep10 2012 wm192466_497323846968627_2133585519_o

Thanks so much for following along with this little photo project with my sister Waliya.

And thanks for stopping by!


  1. So how did you two sisters end up with different brands (of cameras)? Have you written about it somewhere?

    1. Hey so sorry MEJazz for never getting back to your comment. No we haven't really thought about that one, just happened by chance i guess. :)


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