Thursday, April 11, 2013

Memories from Pakistan–Part Two

I started sharing some photo memories from our vacation and here are some more random memories from our time in Bahawalpur (a desert city in the southern part of Pakistan), the city where my husband grew up and where most of his family lives.

2012-11-27 074

2012-12-11 041

I still am getting used to roses that don’t have a fragrance, because the roses back in Pakistan, always smell like heaven.

2012-11-27 118

The Pakistani Rikhshaw, that these cities would be incomplete without. These colorfully decorated ones are a popular mode of transport in Pakistani towns, mainly used for travelling short distances within cities.

2012-11-27 135

Roadside fruit stalls that sell fruit so amazing in taste. Pakistani fruit, specially oranges and mangoes, is exported across the world and is famous for its rich flavor.

2012-12-02 116

2012-12-02 276

2012-12-02 272

Probably what I miss most, after my family (of course), is the food. Notoriously many here attend some events only for the food! Haha. And it hardly ever disappoints!

2012-12-04 Bahawalpur 047

2012-12-04 Bahawalpur 040

The most beautiful glass bangles I have ever seen while shopping with my sister-in-law. These were from Hyderabad (The one in Pakistan)

2012-12-04 Bahawalpur 181

2012-12-04 Bahawalpur 134

Watching the sun go down in the Cholistan Desert nearby, with this lovely couple.

2012-12-07 Bahawalpur 027

Here clothes are still line dried and freshly laundered clothes smell like grass and fresh air

2012-12-07 Bahawalpur 049

2012-12-07 Bahawalpur 056

Shopping with my sister-in-law (Top) The famous hand painted Multani blue pottery. Read more about it here. (Bottom) Beautifully carved wood furniture from Sargodha and Chiniot.

2012-12-07 Bahawalpur 0862012-12-07 Bahawalpur 0652012-12-07 Bahawalpur 081

Exploring the new art bazaar in the city, where Bilal’s brother-in-law had just opened his own boutique.

2012-11-27 1872012-11-27 214

Bahawalpur is famous for its exquisite hand embroideries.

2012-12-07 Bahawalpur 113 edit

2012-12-07 Bahawalpur 115

2012-12-07 Bahawalpur 136

2012-12-07 Bahawalpur 1462012-12-07 Bahawalpur 141

After many years I was finally able to visit this treasure of a place (thanks to my sweet sister-in-law and her husband:) The exquisite Noor Mahal belonged to the Nawab of Bahawalpur during the British Rule.  It is believed that Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan IV got it built for his wife who spent just one night in this palace. It was a treat to walk inside this beautiful place and imagine what it must’ve been like.

2012-12-11 036

2012-12-11 042

I finally experienced the magic of rain in Bahawalpur. In Pakistan rainy days are a cause of celebration, done best with Pakoras and Tea.

2012-12-11 066

2012-12-11 081

2012-12-11 100

Sunday Brunches are the best, specially when they consist of Halwa Puri (my most favorite menu ever) lovingly made by a sweet girl and enjoyed with family and followed by tea.

2012-12-15 086

Chocolate Cheesecake cupcakes creatively decorated with flowers from the garden, made by my husband’s talented niece.

2012-12-15 099

2012-12-15 105

2012-12-15 141

2012-12-15 161

2012-12-15 163
And this is how handmade cloth is woven. Taking a behind the scenes tour of this incredible project started by Bilal’s brother-in-law. Khadi or Khaddar is the name commonly used for handmade, handspun and hand-woven cotton fabric made by skilled artisans.

And that is all in this little taste of Bahawalpur.

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FYI: I have linked up sources to names/places/words that might be hard to understand for some of you.


  1. love this post. Pakistan is such a beauty.

  2. These pictures are incredibly beautiful and I'm definitely not just saying that! Is that tea or coffee in the picture?? The best part of visiting/traveling places is usually the food :)

    1. Hey thanks so much Haley. That is tea actually called 'chai' made the Pakistani way with lots of sugar and milk;) You should definitely try Pakistani food if you are into traveling and cultural cuisines. It is divine i tell you:)

  3. This is so beautiful nataliya, Thanks for sharing :)

  4. First time I have came across a blog post on my city... yeah this is my city! :)


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