Monday, April 29, 2013

Sarah, Zoya and Mahera – Mama Mini Style

Happy Monday you guys. So excited to have another beautiful mom-mini style post today. Sarah is one of the sweetest people and kindest moms I know here in Seattle. She asked me if she could be a part of this series and I was so excited to be able to take pictures of them and share their everyday style with you guys.

Say hello to this beautiful mom and her girls.

Zoya: 2 and Mahera: 6 mo

Location: Factoria Mall in Bellevue, WA


Every time I am having a hard day with my little toddler, I think of this mom who has two babies younger than mine and who is so patient. Her babies are the sweetest ever too, just look at those faces!


Sarah wears: Top by BCBG, Jeans by The Limited, Sweater by Trio, Shoes by Burberry

Zoya wears: Dress by Camilla, Cardigan by Janie and Jack, Shoes by Baby Gap

Mahera wears: Dress by Burberry, Cardigan by Janie and Jack

Thanks for being a part of this series, beautiful girls!

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  1. Wow! Sarah is by far the most patient and sweetest mother I have encountered. Mashallah her two angels are so adorable.

  2. Sarah is not only the most sweetest and patient mother but also one of the best sister!
    I am proud to have a sister like Sarah and love the way she takes care of my nieces :D

    1. She must be proud of having a brother like you too! :)

  3. beautiful mom and her cute daughters.. how lovely!
    Mothers are indeed a matchless blessing and the sweetest creature on this planet.. :)

  4. love what her lil gals are wearing .. stylish mom and kids :)


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