Monday, April 8, 2013

Nyel’s colorful room - A room tour

Happy Monday morning you guys. So happy to share this beautiful little toddler room today. I got to know this sweet mom through our common love for photography and when she asked me if she could send her son's room for this series, I was super excited.

Come along and fall in love!


Who lives here: Muhammad Nyel, Age: 2 years, Location: Singapore








This is what Sumera had to say.

I always wanted a simple,bright and colorful room for my son because I think with a hyper and naughty toddler, simple always works better. This room gets very good light, a huge plus for this mommy photographer:)

I knew I always wanted an art wall. My husband helped me out in putting it up.The heart art was totally inspired by Waliya Najib. And I made the little colorful houses painting myself.

The room has many little DIY’s. The wire name was inspired by Pinterest and though its not very neat, I like how it came out. The pom pom string is my personal favorite for this room. The paper bunting was my husband’s idea so I made it and I love how it enhances the room. For me it is a symbol of celebrating my baby, and his presence in our lives, everyday. The paper wheels were again inspired by Pinterest. I was actually making paper lanterns for my dining-room but they didn't turn like I wanted, so thought why not put them up in baby's room.I gave them a little final touch by adding some hearts to the ends.  The golden crown is from his second birthday and all soft toys are gifts from loved ones :)




Thank you so much Sumera for sharing Nyel’s beautiful room with us. I am in love with it. As you can tell from the pictures, this mom is an awesome photographer and I love how she captures her little man’s everyday moments. You can find her on facebook and on Instagram where she shares beautiful moments of her son’s life.


all pictures by Sumera Amber herself.

Hope you enjoyed this room tour as much as i did.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Salam..... Simply awesome! Thumbs up Sumera.

  2. Wowwwww very organised MA :)
    Lovely colorfull baby room ♥

  3. Wowwww very organised MA :)
    Lovely colorful baby bedroom ♥

  4. its beautiful and colorful

  5. love all the DIY's sumera .great job and Muhammad nyel looks adorable in the last

  6. Super it

  7. Baby baby roomssss Oh ILOVEEE <3 This is awesomeeee <3

  8. Wowww! <3 This room is SO awesome. Really,I love this room.<3
    It looks so Cozy,Wonderful.
    You did an fantastic work Sumera api! :)
    Nyel is SO cute. Give SO many kisses to him from my side.

  9. I love this, such a simple, peaceful yet inspiring and colourful room. And I love the DIY additions that give it a personal touch.

  10. Sooper cute rom and sooper cute Nayel . mashaAllah.

  11. such a lovely room for a two year old with all these colourful vibrant colours....simply love it!!! thumbs up for sumera for creating such a lovely room


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