Saturday, June 15, 2013

Baluchistan, I feel your pain.

Deeply saddened by what happened in Baluchistan1 yesterday and my heart literally hurts. The burning down of Jinnah’s2 historic residence in Ziarat where he spent his last days, followed by the attack on a bus carrying female students killing 11 of those girls on the spot. The tragedy continued as terrorists blew up explosives at the hospital where the injured were being taken to, took hostages and killing at least 11 more people. Go here to read details of the tragic events.

The historic building where Jinnah spent his last days has been a national treasure. Source of image: Unknown.

My heart breaks for all those that were killed, for those girls that were going to college, for their parents, for the ones that lost their loved ones, and for the lives that changed forever. My prayers are with all those that are hurting because of this tragedy. How long will this cycle of violence continue, I wonder. So many lives lost, so many lives changed. Such hatred, such disrespect for human life. It is heartbreaking.

Wishing for a safer world for our kids. Thanks for reading.

FYI: 1Baluchistan is one of the four provinces of Pakistan. 2Jinnah, or Quaid-e-Azam as he is lovingly remembered is considered the founder of Pakistan.


  1. heartbreaking. Pakistan is suffering every hour from these single-minded militants ...May Allah make it a safe heaven for all its inhabitants again IA.

    btw its a beautiful picture of the residency and Pakistan has 5 provinces now :)

    1. Ameen. And thank you for the correction, completely slipped my mind. Lots of love!!


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