Monday, June 24, 2013

What we wore and some thoughts on this series.

Happy Monday morning sweet people. I’m back with another outfit post but today I also wanted to share why I even do this series here.

Even though I love clothes and dressing up, I don’t like to throw our money on it too much. Yes, I’m pretty cheap like that ;) So I am learning to look at our closets differently, I am learning to mix and match to come up with new outfits with what we already own. So in this series, you probably will see the same pieces over and over again, worn differently. Being a creatively expressive person, I am trying to bring it into how I dress myself and Anya. I am trying to say that its okay if you don’t want to spend too much money on fashion, you can still be stylish. And it is also okay if you are conservative like me, and don’t believe in baring too much skin or wearing revealing clothes, you can still be stylish. I truly believe that we feel more confident in our abilities and our strengths when we dress the part.


So I do this series to inspire you and myself. That we all are beautiful and we all can feel beautiful if we take a little time for ourselves, if we experiment with the pieces in our wardrobes and find out what feels most like ourselves. For those many stylish moms (and non-moms for that matter) out there, thank you so much for inspiring us. Find out your style, gorgeous women and follow along as we experiment with ours.


Anya wears: Top from Gymboree, Denim skirt and Shoes (from the boys section) from Old Navy, Leggings from Carters.

Mama wears: Top and TShirt from Target, Printed skinny jeans from Old Navy. Shoes by Steve Madden from Ross.

Much love, and thanks so much for stopping by.


  1. Yeah! Your right. If you want to be stylish not nessessary to buy new clothes just wear your old clothes diffrently ( like you said above )
    And you and anya wears awesome outfits as well.
    #Stay blessed. xoxo.
    P.s= Havva look on my blog i've write something about Waliya aapi.

  2. Hey my secret friend ;) long time since I have commented on your blog but I visit it daily :) Well about this post I would say you are so right. We can't always spend money craving for a new look, we can contemplate on what other stuff we have already, and them mix and match them and that ends up looking gorgeous, SIMPLE! good and new looks, with old clothes!
    P.s I like the dresses you sweeties are wearing.
    P.P.S You are a honey. Just so sweet of the ego and such a solved minded woman.
    P.P.P.s Loveyou always :)


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