Sunday, June 16, 2013

Love like this. Happy Fathers day.

Excerpt from a letter I wrote to Anya in June 2012. Happy Fathers day to you and yours.

DSC_1395 (2)

picture taken by my sister, Waliya when Anya was still pretty brand new.

Dear Baby, Fathers Day is here and I wanted to tell you something about your father today. It is not often that you see a father love his kid the way your baba loves you. What I see in his eyes is something more. They say that it takes a while for daddies to bond with their babies, they say many things. But what your daddy felt, was instant love. And there has not been any looking back.

He was the first one to hold you between the two of us when you entered this world, he is the one who has rocked you as you cried nonstop on those frequent sleepless nights, he is the one who has not once lost his patience with you, he is the one between the two of us that never gets angry with you however tired he might be. He is the one who can always calm you down no matter what. 

And love like this? It can only grow stronger. And I can't wait to watch it grow iA.

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