Monday, June 10, 2013

WHAT WE WORE when it is sandals weather finally.


Happy Monday morning to all of you sweet people. So I desperately need to shop for Anya as she is pretty out of clothes these days. Her shoe situation is pretty bad, let me tell you. But this little sandal purchase for her on Amazon last month, turned out to be a big success. I love the look of the traditional style Saltwater sandals that I was seeing everywhere, but they seemed a little tight for these chubby feet when we tried them on. These ones, the sweetheart style as they call them work perfectly. Here she is wearing them with her chambray dress from last year that we will wear one way or another till her head absolutely wont fit through it! Yes I love it that much! Hehe :)



Anya wears: Chambray dress from Target from last year, Tights from Baby Gap, Saltwater Sandals.

Mama wears: Top from Target, Jeans from Forever 21, Shoes from REPORT found at TJ Maxx, Pearl ear studs that my dad brought from a trip to China many many years ago.

How is it going with you guys? It has been a while. If only I could get all the posts in my head written and published. Sigh.

Thanks for stopping by!


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